worship services are on Sundays at 10:00am (Except Last Sunday of the month)


We want every person that we meet to experience the same goodness and grace from God that we have also experienced. We do not claim to be perfect, or that one will even have the perfect life after a profession of faith. However, we do believe it will be a better life, and most certainly will be a better eternal future!

We believe that God loves every person.  We also understand that everybody is broken and has turned their back on God, both in big and small ways. However, God desires to restore our severed relationship with him and give us new life, now and forever. This new life is by God's grace and forgiveness alone, not by our own achievements.  While there have been some disagreements in the Church over the last 2,000 years about non-essential beliefs, we believe a sincere profession of faith in our essential beliefs (below) offers salvation, freedom, joy, love, eternal life and so much more.  

OUR essential beliefs

The Bible is the only inspired, infallible and authoritative Word of God.

There is one eternal God, existent in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  

The Father sent his Son Jesus to be born of a virgin, fully man and also fully God.  He performed miracles, taught the godly life, lived it perfectly, and died without sin for the sins of humanity.  His bodily resurrection conquered death and allowed those who believe in in Jesus' saving work to have eternal life by God's grace alone.  After Jesus' ascension and return to the Father's right hand, he sent the Holy Spirit to live in all believers, empowering and guiding them in godly living and carrying out God's mission.

God desires for people to be restored and rescued from their brokenness.  Jesus commissioned and empowered his followers, the Church, to share this good news with everyone and partner in God's redeeming work until he returns to earth where he will restore all of creation to its perfect glory.


FUN PHILOSOPHY: Fun doesn't just happen, it's a philosophy. We have good times and want to create spaces where people desire to spend their time.

OUTWARD FOCUS: We constantly aim our attention out towards those who need love and care. We do that by living life selflessly with and for others.

REAL RELATIONSHIPS: People are the core of everything we do. We build relationships that change lives and become lifelong friendships centered on Jesus.

MULTIPLICATION MINDSET: God's first mission was to multiply. We want to multiply all of our resources including leaders, churches, money, and more!

EMPOWERING LEADERSHIP: Jesus changed the world through leaders. We will develop and launch people into leadership at Converge and in their community spaces.

DEPENDENCE ON GOD: Everything Converge is and does has its foundation in God's grace, Jesus' saving power, and the Holy Spirit's guiding direction and strength.

We are excited to be a part of the missional and multiplicative efforts of The Kingdom Network!

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